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The true meaning of ‘Mother’

We believe that this is the True Meaning of MOTHER, they give a lot and expect nothing in return.
Mothers Day, 31st March 2019 is a time to spoil them and show your appreciation.

M– Meals

Making meals every day for the whole family is not an easy task, especially those that are working mums.
We take off our aprons to you mum’s for every meal you’ve prepared and made with love.

food preperation

O – Organising

If there’s one thing mothers are well known for its their amazing powers of organising.
Anything from doing the school run to squeezing in that food shop in between football or ballet classes, there’s nothing they can’t be prepared for.


T– Teaching

Mothers are simply the greatest of teachers, we learn such a vast amount of skills only a mother can provide.
They teach us to walk, run and to stand on our own two feet and even to gain the confidence to have the strength to face bad circumstances with focus and determination.
No matter how many times we fail, they find a way to turn that failure into a memorable teachable moment.
Thank you, mum for the courage to flourish.

teaching, tyglyn

H – Hearing

Mothers have supersonic hearing and are the best listeners, they can tell the difference between a cry of annoyance to a cry of pain,
they can hear the slightest of sounds whether it’s you that’s creeping back into the house or the rattle of the biscuit tin.
They hear what we say and what we don’t, they can detect the sound of first love giggles to a hushed cry of a broken heart.
Thank you, mothers for all the times hearing has saved us from upset stomach and heartache.


A mother’s eternal love is from the moment they have their children placed in their arms. Whether we fail in an exam or make a wrong decision, they are always there to support and guide us along the way. A mother’s love is boundless and eternal. No matter where we stumble in life, they are there to cheer us on to greatness.


R- Right

A mother is always right, some of us might not like to admit it but it’s the truth. Coming to the understanding of this doesn’t service until we overcome our teenage strops and rebellious years. Our mothers know and they lend advice based on that ability to be right. Thanks for still being there without the flaunting of ‘I told you so’s’ once we figured it out.


Mother’s Day at TyGlyn

Sunday, 31st March

We would like to help you spoil the mother in your life with a Sunday lunch here at TyGlyn.

Take a look at the menu prepared by our amazing chefs.

Mothers Day Menu


Remember to make a booking by either calling us on 01570 470625

or emailing us

Valentines roses at TyGlyn

There’s no excuses this Valentines…

Valentines day is fast approaching & what better reason to connect with your loved one than with the true meaning of this day


Valentines has great history but I will not bore you with the fine details as I know we all like a good excuse to celebrate our love for one another.

Approximately 150 million Valentines cards are exchanged annually, making it the second most popular card sending holiday after Christmas – need I say more…

That being said over 50% of those Valentines cards are purchased in the 6 days prior to the day. So, here’s a few romantic gestures to get that 50% better prepared this valentines : –


Valentines day at TyGlyn


  • When you think of valentines day the card is one of the most simplest of gifts to show your love for one another. Instead of picking up a card from your local garage on the way home, spare a little more thought using one of the many online sites in which you can customise  and add that personal touch to express your emotions. Or if your feeling adventurous why not make it from scratch yourself. If you can’t get soppy on valentines when can you?


heart valentines for tyglyn


  • Start this romantic day as you mean to go on with breakfast in bed for your loved one, whether it being cereal or a full English breakfast this small gesture is enough to make your partners day.


valentines blog for tyglyn


  • Should your other half be working why not send flowers to their work place whether it being a single rose or a bouquet the thought goes much further than the cost in which you’ve spent.


valentines at tyglyn


  • Chocolates…. I can easily just leave this idea as simple as that, everyone appreciates a sugary treat.


valentines chocolates at tyglyn


  • After a long day on their feet why not spoil your loved one with a romantic candlelit  bath with relaxing aromas ready for when they arrive home. Again the simplest of gestures, yet they truly makes someone feel pampered and special.


valentines bath for tyglyn post


  • If you are lucky enough to have the day off, then get wrapped up  and go on a romantic walk somewhere new to add to the excitement where you can find peace and tranquillity. Soak up all the love in the air in each others company.


valentines couple for tyglyn


  • Recreate your first date, whether its that restaurant you first met or cocktail bar you met for drinks to take away those awkward encounters.


valentines couple for tyglyn


End your valentines day by booking  a delicious three course dinner (with choices) at TyGlyn with its romantic setting and breathtaking views it has the ideal location to set the mood.


Night Picture of TyGlyn





Last Minute Weddings

Last Minute Weddings

Getting married last minute

Even at short notice your wedding day can be as magical as if you’d spent a lot longer in its planning. Here at TyGlyn you have a professional team with over 10 years’ experience in arranging and running weddings, and we can help with yours!

Planning a last-minute wedding can put you in a bit of a whirlwind, in a good way, as you organise and plan those details.

Wedding rings and pink flowers


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The key is to make divisive decisions and sticking to them! Avoid any stressful situations or confusion by prioritising those elements that time (i.e. your dress), whilst leaving less important and quick jobs till late (i.e. table decorations). Be flexible, as your preferred florist may already be fully booked with other bookings – in which case ask them for recommendations or DIY with help from family and friends.

Start off with booking your venue and your registrar or church – this’ll ensure you have all your legal requirements taken care of.


Talk to your bridal shop and let them know your deadline. They may be able to offer you “off the peg” dresses which could be altered to fit. You can also try specialist charity wedding shops, which take quality wedding dresses and after professional washing and cleaning sell them to others whilst making money for charity.

Grooms wear can be hired from specialists with less of a timescale issue. Try Dress for the Occasions. There are also plenty of options on the high street – try Debenhams for instance. It may be best that the groom and his groomsmen go and try these before ordering or buying as the measurements are important. Is their waist really 32 or are they in denial?

Gone are the days where bridesmaids wore the same identical dress (whether it suited them or not). For last-minute options let your maids choose from a selection of offerings shortlisted by you and are available from the high street. Choose complimenting colours with different styles.

Bridal showcase Aberaeron



Absolutely no need to order the “save the date” stationery, mainly as you’ll have no time. Embrace technology and send emails or create a Facebook event or group.



Even though it’s a last-minute wedding it does not mean that you need to pay extra for services or supplies. In fact, it can sometimes mean the opposite, provided you are flexible.

Consider hiring a wedding planner and let them know what your budget is – try out Alaw Griffiths from Calon Wedding Planning. This would be especially useful if you are a busy person with no time to make the calls and go to appointments.

Last Minute Weddings



On the other end of the scale, jump straight in and take the time to do it yourself. Provided you are organised and thrive in the hustle-and-bustle of event organising you will be just fine.

Here’s some ideas: –

  • Buy different sized iced wedding cakes from a supermarket and decorate with fresh flowers. Don’t forget to buy the dowels…
  • Ask a family friend to collect your flowers direct from your nearest flower distributor the day before your wedding. Cut these down to size to fit in jam jars – simple but effective. Your bridal bouquet could simply be 3 large blooms tied together with raffia.
  • DIY I pod discos are now a “thing”. If you’re having trouble finding a DJ, then hire an Ipod Disco for the night.
  • Take out a credit card that offers cashback or points for your purchases – you may be surprised as to how much you’ll save.
Orchids in a round bowl


Last Minute at TyGlyn

Getting married last-minute is very do-able and you’re going to be Mr and Mrs that much sooner.

TyGlyn has your last-minute wedding all wrapped up with a fabulous Last-Minute Wedding Package.

For a wedding showaround or further information call us on 01570 470625 or email


Weddings at TyGlyn

Aberaeron wedding fayre

Why attend a wedding fayre or/and Bridal showcase?

Wedding Fayre and Bridal Showcases

Many wedding venues will very likely organise a wedding fayre / bridal showcase or maybe even an open day once a year at their location. The question is what’s the difference between them and why should you attend?

Aberaeron weddings


Having flicked through bridal magazines and created your own Pinterest board it’s now time to put these ideas into action. A wedding fayre implies that there’ll be local wedding services and suppliers on hand at the venue. A perfect opportunity to discuss your ideas and vision with experts from the local area who very likely know the venue and will be able to deliver and set-up for you.

These are experts in their fields and have a wealth of knowledge and talent that can help you create your special day. Your wedding co-ordinator from the venue can point you in the right direction for reliable and well-regarded wedding services and suppliers.

Bridal showcase Aberaeron


At a bridal showcase you should expect to see a fashion show or catwalk of bridal dresses, and possibly bridesmaids, groomsmen and even mother of the bride outfits. At TyGlyn’s bridal showcase in September 2018 the catwalk will take place around 12noon and will be featuring Chez Louise Bridal.

These events can be useful for you to see what the dresses look like in real life rather than the glamorous glossy images seen in professional photo’s. Bridal shops require pre-booking for fittings and if you have an idea of things you do (or don’t) like, it allows the shop assistant to choose appropriate dresses. Providing you a positive experience is their aim.

Aberaeron civil ceremonies


An open day is more about the venue and far less about the services and suppliers of others. Expect to see tables laid-up as if ready for a wedding party, and possibly even the civil ceremony room dressed. Occasionally you may get a venue dresser who would showcase their skills with various adornments, table centres and decorations. A perfect opportunity to visualise how your day could look, especially if the venue is a little unusual or not run-of-the-mill.

Be wary though! If you’re expecting to talk to wedding suppliers you will be disappointed, as this is not about them – it’s about the venue.

Aberaeron wedding fayre

TyGlyn Wedding fayre and Bridal Showcase

At TyGlyn on the 16th September we are very lucky to have many of the local wedding services and suppliers present to help plan your day. Look at our dedicated page: –




Chez Louise Bridal will be showcasing her dresses with a catwalk at around midday – so please be earlier to avoid missing out.

Free Entry

As always, our wedding fayres are FREE, with a glass of fizz for the bride to be, and goody bags.

Should you need any further information on the wedding fayre please look at our dedicated page: –

TyGlyn wedding fayre and bridal showcase


Or call us on 01570 470625; or email


Cutting the cake

Make your wedding budget go the extra mile

Planning your wedding is an exciting, yet expensive business.  When the panic starts to set in, it’s all too easy to lose sight of your budget. It’s important that you don’t let this happen. Yet, as long as you remain organised, it’s possible to work to plan your perfect wedding day well within your budget. As a popular wedding venue in Ceredigion, we’ve seen our fair share of brides and grooms. So we know the best ways to get the most out of your wedding budget, so here are our top tips on ensuring your wedding budget goes the extra mile.
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