The true meaning of ‘Mother’

We believe that this is the True Meaning of MOTHER, they give a lot and expect nothing in return.
Mothers Day, 31st March 2019 is a time to spoil them and show your appreciation.

M– Meals

Making meals every day for the whole family is not an easy task, especially those that are working mums.
We take off our aprons to you mum’s for every meal you’ve prepared and made with love.

food preperation

O – Organising

If there’s one thing mothers are well known for its their amazing powers of organising.
Anything from doing the school run to squeezing in that food shop in between football or ballet classes, there’s nothing they can’t be prepared for.


T– Teaching

Mothers are simply the greatest of teachers, we learn such a vast amount of skills only a mother can provide.
They teach us to walk, run and to stand on our own two feet and even to gain the confidence to have the strength to face bad circumstances with focus and determination.
No matter how many times we fail, they find a way to turn that failure into a memorable teachable moment.
Thank you, mum for the courage to flourish.

teaching, tyglyn

H – Hearing

Mothers have supersonic hearing and are the best listeners, they can tell the difference between a cry of annoyance to a cry of pain,
they can hear the slightest of sounds whether it’s you that’s creeping back into the house or the rattle of the biscuit tin.
They hear what we say and what we don’t, they can detect the sound of first love giggles to a hushed cry of a broken heart.
Thank you, mothers for all the times hearing has saved us from upset stomach and heartache.


A mother’s eternal love is from the moment they have their children placed in their arms. Whether we fail in an exam or make a wrong decision, they are always there to support and guide us along the way. A mother’s love is boundless and eternal. No matter where we stumble in life, they are there to cheer us on to greatness.


R- Right

A mother is always right, some of us might not like to admit it but it’s the truth. Coming to the understanding of this doesn’t service until we overcome our teenage strops and rebellious years. Our mothers know and they lend advice based on that ability to be right. Thanks for still being there without the flaunting of ‘I told you so’s’ once we figured it out.


Mother’s Day at TyGlyn

Sunday, 31st March

We would like to help you spoil the mother in your life with a Sunday lunch here at TyGlyn.

Take a look at the menu prepared by our amazing chefs.

Mothers Day Menu


Remember to make a booking by either calling us on 01570 470625

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